BrainAnalyst, software dedicated to the analysis of the Brain, does automated processing of MRI Diffusion (Mono and Multi-Compartimental), Diffusion Tensor (DTI, HARDI or DSI), Perfusion (Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast, Dynamic Contrast Enhanced & ASL), functional MRI (Box Car, Events Related or Resting State paradigms), Fibertracking, Voxel-Based Morphometry, Structural, Functional and Effective Connectomics, Brain Functions Evaluations, and also offers Learning-Oriented Vascular, Grey and White Matter Structural and Functional Neuro-Anatomy Atlases.

BrainAnalyst works in various environments, either on our dedicated Cloud Servers, or locally on Microsoft Windows, Apple MacOS, or Linux Operating Systems, even on MRI Manufacturer Workstations Systems, in several configurations, from Single User Workstation to Multi-Site Local Server configuration.

BrainAnalyst is not FDA-Cleared nor CE-Marked (induced usage restrictions).

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Main BrainAnalyst features in video: