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BrainAnalyst is the BrainAnalyze Software Solution for Medical Image Processing, dedicated to Brain MRI Diffusion, Perfusion & Permeability, Activation, VBM, Tractography & Connectomics as well as Brain Structural & Functional Neuroanatomy Atlases.

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BrainAnalyst is a stand-alone and server-based platform software, leverages years of cutting-edge researches in Neuro-Imaging High Tech MRI fields, and runs on Microsoft Windows x64 Seven and above, Apple OSX 10.x and above, and Linux kernel 4.5 and above, featuring CPU processing scalable abilities (for Grid / Cluster computing), which can be fully integrated in PACS environments, MRI manufacturers workstations, and “Pay-Per-Use” on-demand requests with fully automated processings (fMRI, Fibertracking, Connectomics, Brain Functions Analysis, Stroke and Tumors Analysis, Voxel-Based Morphometry, aso…)


Connectopedia ModuleMySQL DatabaseDicomROI/VOIReports / FilmingAutomated BrainSeries DisplayDiffusion ModuleFibertracking ModulefMRI ModulePerfusion / Permeability ModuleImage Processing ModuleUser's Functions ModuleVirtual Reality Module
Interactive Atlas of Human Brain Anatomy, Vasculature and Functions (with Brain Functions Analysis using RTConTrack, patent WO 2016/059055 A1).
Importing/exporting Dicom, NIFTI, and GIS (old DPTools data format). All the database items (raw data, studies/patients/images info, VOI, Reports, Films, …) are encrypted and compressed to fasten loading, and ensure privacy of patients data.
Query / Retrieve / Send with automated conversion of the received dicom files into database entries and automated export of the database entries (Raw data, VOI, Reports, Films, …) to dicom files/nodes.
Functions with statistics, ROI mirroring, spreadsheet export, and VOI database management.
Features to manage, display, rearrange, dicomize (send to network nodes) and print reports automatically generated by the soft (Brain Functions Analysis, fMRI automated analysis, Stroke topography and volume Report, …).
Extraction, Motion Correction, Co-Registration and Normalization to MNI (T1) and BrainAnalyst (DTI, Fiber Bundles, Vasculature) Templates.
With automated Histogram Thresholding, Zoom/Pan/Rotate/Explore, Brightness, auto-Filming, 3D Rendering, VOI Stripping, …
Automated processing of ADC, DTI, PCA of multi compartmental diffusion to segment the Grey and White Matter, CSF and Flow compartments, automated Stroke Analysis (with automated identification of arterial territories, stroke volume and stroke mismatch) 
Deterministic and Probabilistic (White Matter “Klinger like” Fibers peeling) automated extraction of 58 main White Matter Bundles and 116 Grey to Grey structural connections ; end user manual Fibers selection, tagging, display using tagging cube, VOIs, or Grey Matter as starting seed ; Density Fibertracking. Automated Reports of extracted Bundles with stats (lambda values, number of fibers, length, number of connections, …) and of Structural Connectom. Analysis of selective connections between Grey Matter Areas.
GLM standard analysis with Box-Car, Events or Resting-State Paradigm, Pseudo-Real Time fMRI processing using Time Interpolation and Signal Similarity Algorithm, Functional Connectom Inter-Regions Correlations Maps, Automated fMRI Analysis Report with activated areas identification, clustering, statistics, …
T2-weighted (DSC), T1-weighted (DCE) and pulsed ASL Perfusion / Permeability Module (using patent WO/2008/132386): Brain Perfusion in T2-w, with automated AIF extraction, TTP, TMax, CBV, CBF, MTT maps automatically contrast leakage corrected (when necessary). Quantitative CBF from pASL. MRI T2* and T1 permeability assessment with KPS, fBV. Automated Stroke and Tumors Analysis Report with Stroke Volume, Penumbra, Arterial / Structural Territories identification, Neoangiogenesis quantitation, …
Tools (Morphomath, Smoothing, Matrices inversion, …)
Customizable command-lines boxes with main executable, icon and parameters, to let the users add their own routines/soft into the main software, with either NIFTI or Dicom I/O files processing from/to the database.
Based on HTC Vive and  Oculus Rift VR technology, either in FullScreen, SBS or  Native Rendering, explore, navigate and visualize the Brain Architecture in an immersive 3D environement.

Multi-cores Intel class CPU (at least twelve cores, sixteen are recommended for Basic Package), 16 GB of RAM for Basic and Functional Connectomics Packages, 64 GB for Fibertracking and Structural Connectomics and >128 GB for Local Server configurations), an OpenGl 3.x compatible Graphic Card, 5 GB of free Disk Space for program (SSD / MVE are better), 10 GB per study of free Hard Disk space, Full HD or 4K Display Monitor, and effective internet connection (for online help, and remote tasks and services). VR Compatible Device for Virtual Reality Module (HTC Vive or Oculus Rift), and at least NVIDIA GeForce 1070 GTX.

Using BrainAnalyst

BrainAnalyze Team members will help you in selecting and installing in your working environment the best BrainAnalyst configuration matching your needs. Please contact us should you require more informations.

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