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BrainAnalyst Price List

Several BrainAnalyst configuration types can be purchased, starting from the Basic Package up to the Brain Functions Analysis Package in various OS environments (Windows 10, MacOSX 10.12 or Linux Kernel 3+). These configurations could be set either for Stand-Alone Workstation or Local-Server (only available for Windows 10 or Linux).

BrainAnalyze Team can help you in setting up the best Computer Hardware Solution matching your needs, or can help you in setting up BrainAnalyst on your own Computer (please have a look at our Services Price List).

We also provide “Pay-Per-Use” access to BrainAnalyst Image Processing features: just send your DICOM images from your local Workstation to the Centralized BrainAnalyze Servers through a High-Speed Internet Connection, and receive post-processed DWI, DTI, Fibertracking, fMRI, VBM or Connectomics Dicomized results few minutes after directly into your local P.A.C.S.

If your interested in Virtual Reality, BrainAnalyze Team would be very proud to select the best VR Headset matching your needs and to help you building your dedicated BrainAnalyst VR Workstation.

All licenses are provided for one year, and can be freely renewed after that period. All Prices do include on Site Customized Installation (in your Workstation or PACS environment), free Learning Sessions, and Customized Remote Assistance.

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