Welcome to BrainAnalyze S.A.S., french company based in Versailles, France, providing scientific and medical neuro-images processing solutions based on the Expert System A.I. featured BrainAnalyst Software, for M.R.I. Diffusion, DTI, Perfusion, fMRI, Fibertracking, VBM and Connectomics analysis, and BrainAnalyze Suite: Manager & Visualize, a free Dicom Q/R compliant software. 




About Us

About Us




Today in Spotlights: Cloud BrainAnalyst
Cloud BrainAnalyst, the BrainAnalyze Cloud Solution to process MRI Neuro-Images for any Neuro diseases directly in the Cloud, is now available. As a Neuro dedicated expert system A.I. featured, Cloud BrainAnalyst setups are scalable from small working environments to large working groups, and offers a very easy access to Neuro-Images Cloud Processing: just follow the steps, and a couple of minutes later collect the results, from anywhere, using any mobile or desktop/workstation… devices. First, connect to the BrainAnalyze Cloud Server & Login to your Registered User Account. Then upload your Dicom files to the Server on your private dedicated area. Select the Process to perform, among 20 available (Stroke Diffusion/Perfusion ; Brain Tumors Angiogenesis/Cellular Infiltration ; Alzheimer VBM Atrophy Estimate ; FLAIR Lesions Assessments ; Fibertracking ; fMRI Mapping ; Connectomics ; Pre-processings: Brain Extraction, Motion Correction, Coregistration ; Processings: ASL, DCE, DSC Perfusion, DTI, ADC, DWI Multib ; …). Finally, visualize the Analysis Reports & download the resulting Dicom Maps (Parametrics, Clusterized, …) and display the resulting maps and clusters on the webGL featured integrated viewer in 2D/MPR/3D MIP/VR. That’s it!

Virtual Reality

We investigate Virtual Reality to enhance Central Nervous System Global Vision and improve the functional Neuro-Anatomy Learning, Neuro-Diagnosis Accuracy and pre Neuro-Surgical Planning.

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