BrainAnalyst in AW Creator Environment

BrainAnalyst is a neuro-imaging software which can process MR Diffusion, Perfusion, Fibertracking, Activation, VBM and Connectomics, and runs on Mac OS, Windows and Linux Os.
I implemented it in the AW Creator environment in two ways: either in a fully automated « black-box » way (the user doesn’t have to interact with the software to get the results of the processings),  or in a « end-user » way (the user can fully interact with the software).

This video shows using some practical cases based on brain tumor patient how to perform multi-compartmental diffusion and perfusion MR sequences analyses, and display the resulting maps in AW Volume Viewer superimposed on morphological sequences (Flair, T1-w Gadolinium), as well as Fibertracking Analyses, and display the resulting (automatically) extracted Fibers Bundles in BrainAnalyst.

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