BrainAnalyst How To’s

In this section, you will find General and Specific How To(s) to help you process DTI and Tractography, fMRI, DSC, DCE using the clinical cases provided in the Incoming Samples folder.

General How To(s):

How to Process Series:

You first need to download the “BrainAnalyst-OSXSamples.dmg” file for OSX or the “BrainAnalyst-WinSamples.exe” file for Windows and either to unarchive or install it on your Desktop.

Then run BrainAnalyst, expand it to see the DataBase Tab, and click on Refresh to register the files into local database:

After Refreshing the DataBase (the process may take a while), you should be able to see 7 clinical cases:

  • Ducreux Denis Case: DTI Hardi 60 directions and Bold Resting State series
  • Glioblastome Case: Multib DWI for PCA analysis, regular DWI, PWI and volumic T1 enhanced series
  • IRMfMotorLang Left Frontal Cavernoma Case: Bold Verbal Fluency, Left Hand Motricity and volumic T1 series
  • Lymphome Case: DWI, PWI and volumic T1 enhanced series
  • Meningioma Case: Flair, volumic T1 enhanced, pASL and T1 DCE series
  • StrokeDWIPWI Case: Flair, DWI and PWI series
  • TractoBold Case: DTI, Bold Cognitive Task and volumic T1 series