How To’s – DSC Perfusion & Permeability

This How To uses the “Lymphome” Case of the local DataBase.

The goal is to detect the presence in a brain tumor of neoangiogenesis and/or Blood Brain Barrier disruption (contrast leakage). It uses a leakage correction algorithm for the corrected CBV estimate, and a patented algorithm to estimate the permeability parameters in T2* (patent WO/2008/132386).

First, click on the patient name “Lymphome”, then the serie date “20130125” then double-click on the serie name “PERF DD 30 CPES”. The serie will be loaded:

To further process the serie, you need to go to the “Series Processing” Tab, then click on “Angiogenesis” button in the “DSC & Perm.” Tab:

It will extract Brain and do Motion Correction:

Registering to Template and extract the AIF:

Compute TTP, TMax, BAT, CBV, CBF, MTT perfusion parameters, compute fBV and kPS permeability parameters, and create the Angiogenesis Report, which can be displayed as described here, quantifying the involved brain areas (see the Angiogenesis Report pdf file at the end of this page):

When the Angiogenesis Report has been created, you can navigate through the slices. First click on the “MPR/3D Display” Tab:

Then select the MPR Mode by clicking on the MPR/3D Button:

You can now navigate through serie:

And select another Parameter Map to be displayed in the DataBase Tab by double-clicking on it, here the CBV map:

Angiogenesis Report

Angiogenesis Report