How To’s – Functional MRI & Functional Connectom

This How To uses the “IRMfMotorLang” Case in the local DataBase. This case is about a patient with left frontal cavernoma, investigated with Verbal Fluency and Left Hand Finger Tapping BOLD sequences. Bloc Paradigm of 3 x (6 TR Rest – 6 TR Action) and 6 TR Rest.

First, click on the patient name “IRMfMotorLang”, then click on serie date “20130403” then double click on “FLUENCE BOLD” to load and display the serie:

Then go to the “Series Processing” Tab, in the “Functional MRI” Section, and click on the “Paradigm” Tab to set the Paradigm:

By default, the software will try to get the best paradigm for the performed sequence, but if the values are not correct, you can edit them and save them, in an external file, and automatically in the local DataBase.

Once done, go back to the “Feature” Tab of the “Functional MRI” section, and click on “Fct. Connectom” to perform fMRI and Functional Connectom analysis.

Computing the fMRI map is really fast, but computing the Functional Connectom takes a lot of time (about 20 minutes on a 4 cores Mac), so wait.

The software will batch process the serie with Brain Extraction, Motion Correction:

Then Registration to Template, computing of the fMRI map in 3D VR mode:

Then the Functional Connectom map, with graph in the right picture area:

A report will be generated, which can be displayed as described here, with identified activated areas, stats values, aso (see the fmri pdf file at the end of this page).

When all done, new series are created in the local database, for the fMRI map (“fMRIMap-Reg_MoC_Msk_FLUENCE_BOLD-Map”), for the Functional Connectom map (“fMRICtm-Reg_MoC_Msk_FLUENCE_BOLD”) and for the Effective Connectom map (“fMRITTA-Reg_MoC_Msk_FLUENCE_BOLD”):

Functional Connectom map can be visualized as an excel file using the dedicated button in the “DataBase” Tab, “Tasks” Tab, then by clicking on the fMRICtm… file in the Serie Name field, then clicking on the “Display .csv or xls” button:

All these processes are very long, but you can choose to only compte the fMRI map, only by clicking on the “Compute fMRI” button in the “Functional MRI” Tab: