How To’s – Multi-DWI & PCA Analysis

This How To uses the “Glioblastome” Case of the local DataBase. The goal is to assess the presence of tumoral cells in the brain oedema around the tumor, and quantify it in a Dicomizable Report.

First, in the “DataBase” Tab, click on the patient name “Glioblastome”, then click on the serie date “20130110” then double-click on the serie name “diff MULTI B”. The serie will be loaded and displayed:

Go to the “Series Processing” Tab, in the “Diffusion” Tab, click on “Cells”:

The software will do batch processes such as Brain Extraction, Registration to Template, and PCA Analysis of the Multib DWI serie generating 3 to 4 compartments series for CSF (oedema), Grey Matter (cells), White Matter, and Flow (when available), and will generate a Report, which can be displayed as described here, quantifying the percentage of these compartments (see at the end of this page the GlioblastomeMultibDWI pdf report).

First the 3D Rendering View on Template of the Cells and Oedema Compartment:

Then a Mosaic view of these compartments:

Then a Mosaic View of the Cells Infiltration quantitation:

Once done, you can explore the Tumoral infiltration from the MPR mode:

And load extracted compartment serie, here both the Grey (Cells) and CSF (Oedema) compartments by double-clicking, in the “DataBase” Tab, on the “CGM_Reg_Msk_diff__MULTI_B_-Map” serie and the “CSF_Reg_Msk_diff__MULTI_B_-Map”:

You can change the Display Mode by clicking in the “MPR/3D Display” Tab on the “MPR/3D” button for Mosaic mode:

and for 3D VR mode:


in which you can perform a brain cutout by clicking on the “Near” button and setting the “X”, “Y”, “Z” sliders appropriately.