How To’s – Single Subject VBM Analysis

Located in the “Series Processing” Bottom Tab, this button will perform a Single-Subject Voxel-Based Morphometry analysis for a specified T1 anatomical Serie.

The VBM process is done compared to MNI T1 Template.

First you have to load the T1 anatomical Serie by Double-Clicking on it in the Local DataBase Explorer:

Then click on the “Single-Subject VBM” button located in the “Series Processing” Bottom Tab:

Batch processes are performed, such as Brain Masking:

Brain Coregistration to Template:

Brain Segmentation in 3 classes: CSF, Grey Matter, White Matter, creating a new file in the Local DataBase Explorer with the “Seg_” prefix:

You can navigate through classes once the whole VBM process is done by displaying the “VBM_” prefix file (double-click on it) and navigating in the Image Display Area using the “Left” and “Right” Arrows Keys and holding the “meta” key in OSX or the “Alt Ctrl Left Shift” keys in Windows:

A Segmented Map is also generated with the “VBM_” prefix in the Local DataBase Explorer, which can be displayed by double-clicking on it as Overlay on the Registered Anatomical Serie (“Reg_” prefix file) in the Rendering Panel:

A report (named from the originating Serie) listed in the “Reports Explorer” is also created which can be viewed in the “Reports Viewer” or exported in external Dicom or Bitmap files:

This reports will describe and quantify the differences of 116 grey and 58 white matter structures compared to Template: