Processing Quality Control

MRI Sequences
Matrices, FOV, Gap, Slices numberTR, TE, Flip AnglePWI Injection
Ideally isotropic voxels (e.g. 2x2x2 mm), no gap, with enough slices to cover the whole Brain:

For PWI and fMRI, T2* sequences with TE around 35 @ 3T, around 55 @ 1.5 T ; for PWI 1.5 < TR < 2.5 s with at least 75 TR phases for PWI ; 90° of Flip Angle
Injection starting at least 5 TR phases after MRI start ; 10 cc of Gadolinium chelate @ 5 cc/s flow, immediately followed by 20 cc of saline flush at 5 cc/s

Processing Quality Control

To ensure reliable results, respect strictly MRI sequences prescriptions and check on dicomized reports the “Quality Control” Tag with:

Brain MaskingMotion CorrectionRegistration to TemplateArterial Input Function
Check wether if Brain Masking process deleted part of Brain or left Fat or Liquid areas:

Check if motion exceeded 5 mm through x, y, z axis after correction:

Check if MPR reconstructions matched the regular template anatomy orientation:

Check if the found AIF has highest peak (> 2.5 A.U.) at the shortest Time, with sharp FMHW, and no baseline drop: