BrainAnalyze Suite: Manager & Visualize

The first beta version of the BrainAnalyze Suite is now publicly available, featuring “Visualize”, a free Dicom 2D/3D viewer Q/R compliant.

BrainAnalyze Visualize features are:

  • SQLite Database patients with Dicom Importation/Exportation from Remote Network Node, Zip Files or DicomDir CDROMs
  • 2D MPR / MIP / MinIP viewing with variable slice thickness
  • 3D VR / MIP viewing using Core OpenGL 3.3 (for Linux, Windows distributions) and @Apple Metal Framework for MacOS Catalina, with preset for Vessels, Musculo-Skeletal Imaging, MR Angiography
  • Series Fusion from Intra/Intersubjects and Exams Series (Rigid or Affine Transforms) for series comparison
  • Look Up Tables Colors
  • Filming, Dicom Printing, Exporting Images
  • Reference Cursor or Lines Locations : tool to know where is the cursor or the slice plan among different acquisitions
  • Series Slices Synchronization
  • Volume Stripping in 2D/3D
  • Basic VOI, Volume and Distance measurements
  • Dynamic Signal to Time curve plots for Cursor and VOIs
  • and of course driving BrainAnalyst for Diffusion/Perfusion/fMRI/Fibertracking/VBM/Lesions Analysis processings.

Here a Stroke Case following a left Internal Carotid dissection. The Stroke area was estimated using VOI on the DWI sequence, and the DWI/PWI TMax map mismatch visualized using Image Fusion. The vessel occlusion extended from the Left Internal Carotid to the left Middle Cerebral Artery as shown on the 3D VR MIP images, with T2* vessels Blood Clots hypointensities and Flair low flow hyperintensities on the left Sylvian Fissure.
DWI & PWI sequences were processed using BrainAnalyst directly from the Manager GUI (without user intervention) and resulting maps & reports were directly included in the Manager database, ready to be printed, exported to a network node or burned on CD.

3D Volume Rendering results in Visualize of Supra-Aortic Vessels CT Angiography.

3D Volume Rendering results in Visualize of Abdomino-Pelvian CT Scanner.

Stroke Case (upper) and Brain Tumor Case (lower) in Visualize with Dynamic Signal to Time curves plots in abnormal (and normal contralateral) areas.

BrainAnalyze Suite is freely available for MacOs, Windows & Linux, and directly downloadable from the links below. It does not include BrainAnalyst which remains charged. BrainAnalyze Suite is usable as a not certified Dicom visualisation and Image manipulation product (with all induced restrictions).

BrainAnalyze Suite for MacOSX Catalina

Manager & Visualize for OSX Catalina

Size: 62.3 MB
BrainAnalyze Suite for Windows 10 64 bits

Manager & Visualize for Windows 10 64 bits

Size: 52.9 MB
BrainAnalyze Suite for Linux 64 bits

Manager & Visualize for Linux 64 bits

Size: 159.4 MB
BrainAnalyze Suite User’s Manual

Short “How To” to use the software

Size: 10.7 MB