Manager & Visualize

Manager & Visualize is the BrainAnalyze Dicom 2D/3D viewer Q/R compliant software, with the following features:

  • SQLite Database patients with Dicom Importation/Exportation from Remote Network Node, Zip Files or DicomDir CDROMs
  • 2D MPR / MIP / MinIP viewing with variable slice thickness
  • 3D VR / MIP viewing using Core OpenGL 3.3 (for Linux, Windows distributions) and Apple Metal Framework for MacOS Catalina, with preset for Vessels, Musculo-Skeletal Imaging, MR Angiography
  • Series Fusion from Intra/Intersubjects and Exams Series (Rigid or Affine Transforms) for series comparison
  • Look Up Tables Colors
  • Filming, Dicom Printing, Exporting Images
  • Reference Cursor or Lines Locations : tool to know where is the cursor or the slice plan among different acquisitions
  • Series Slices Synchronization
  • Volume Stripping in 2D/3D
  • Volume Tools such as Morpho Maths (Erode, Dilate, Open, Close, Expand), Gaussian Smoothing, Median Filtering, Making Movie (2D/3D), Inverting in X, Y, Z, T, …
  • Basic VOI, Volume and Distance measurements
  • Dynamic Signal to Time curve plots for Cursor and VOIs
  • and of course driving BrainAnalyst for Diffusion/Perfusion/fMRI/Fibertracking/VBM/Lesions Analysis processings.

BrainAnalyze Manager & Visualize is not FDA-Cleared nor CE-Marked (induced usage restrictions).

Demo Videos of How to use BrainAnalyze Manager & Visualize in practical cases: four videos detailing the main processes.

BrainAnalyze Manager & Visualize Demo Part 1
Installation, settings and basic usage...
BrainAnalyze Manager & Visualize Demo Part 3
Tools, VolumeRendering and Filming...
BrainAnalyze Manager & Visualize Demo Part 4
Driving BrainAnalyst Processes...

3D Volume Rendering results in Visualize of Supra-Aortic Vessels CT Angiography.

3D Volume Rendering results in Visualize of Abdomino-Pelvian CT Scanner.

Downloading the Software: Manager & Visualize is freely available for MacOs, Windows & Linux, and directly downloadable from the links below. It does not include BrainAnalyst which remains charged. Manager & Visualize is usable as a not certified Dicom visualisation and Image manipulation product (with all induced restrictions).


Universal (Intel x64 & Apple Silicon M1) Binaries for MacOS 11+

Size: 76.2 MB
Version: 1.2.2

AMD AMD64 & Intel x86_64 Binaries for Linux Ubuntu 18+ 64 bits

Size: 193.1 MB
Version: 1.2.2

AMD AMD64 & Intel x86_64 Binaries for Windows 10 64 bits

Size: 77.5 MB
Version: 1.2.2

User’s “How To” Manual referring to demo videos above

Size: 14 MB
Version: 1.2.2